14/05/2023 - 10/06/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Olivia de Bona - Le Panache

Tue-Fri: 10-6pm; Sat: 11-5pm

“I am looking to timeless spaces… in-between places,” states Paris-based Olivia de Bona about her debut solo exhibition, Le Panache, opening this spring at BEERS London. The title refers to the subtle transformation of daily life into poetry; where monotonous spaces shine. She credits the bend of a hip, an eyelash, or an intimate sensation as sources of inspiration for her practice.

“A hidden passage, a doorway, a transition from one state to another where we can peek at what is hidden and what is revealed.” As viewers, we are privy to this same sense of voyeurism where de Bona’s work seems to find comfort and flourish. One can almost smell the heady sensation of incense and the orange warmth of a setting sun or sweating cocktail glass when looking at her works

. Surely, her mixed European and Vietnamese heritage plays a role in these painstakingly carved and inlaid or wooden marquetry works: a sort of Romanticised snapshot apparently plucked from the literary works of Hemingway or Duras."


Farringdon 51 Little Britain, EC1A 7BH