4 - 10pm, Wednesday 28th Jul

Late Opening

Open Call Emerging Artist Show curated by Sophie Goodchild & Sam Hanner - Locus Amoenus

Words by the curators:
"We have invited five artists to respond to the idea of exhibition as swamp; drained and swamped and drained again. Where microbial communities meet there is a transition into both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Nutrients are traded and recycled, and where it may seem stagnant, slow processes occur and bubbles begin to collect.

In places in the exhibition, the anthropogenic impulse fictionalises the potential creation of new land, rich in nutrients and hope, through draining of the wild wetlands, ordering the mass of marsh into a grid of fields and ditches to feed the harmonious island communes. All at the expense of the many other dimensions of life-forms.

Elsewhere the exhibition is taken over by the agency of the amphibian or the processes of formation at work in the sodden bogs of soil and clay. As Eutrophication leads to the build up of algae the surface of the swamp seems to turn to a solid green plane, enchanting the people that tentatively push through this place."


Stoke Newington Hackney Den, 97 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 8BX