23/11/2022 - 24/11/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Or Lapid - Mama

Daily: 12-7pm

MAMA is pleased to present its forthcoming exhibition, 'These horses crossed a line', which brings together a selection of painting, ceramic and work-on-paper by Or Lapid.

"Drawing from emotions and feelings, Or Lapid creates primitive and folkloric images where dream-like scenarios evoke dramatic but delightful fragments of the artist’s imagination. Lapid often depicts a woman riding a horse placed within a landscape used to a forceful efficacy. The artist’s fascination with the motif is almost a step towards self-portraiture as for Lapid the figure of the woman feels both autobiographical and explorative: ‘It is a symbol of strength and liberation for me, it is a release and defines wildness. It comes from a place within me but it is also a place I want to go towards. Lapid’s vigorous use of bright yellow and tones of red are reminiscent of the artist’s home in Israel where sunlight and the desert are omnipresent. It is also the desert where the woman is most primal, as often seen in ancient sculpture where a goddess rides a horse carrying armour to account for a compelling characterisation of power.

Lapid replaces the conventional armour with wild flowers, cleverly subverting the paralel traditions of the passive nude and the still life. In her iconic ‘Is female to male what nature is to culture?’ anthropologist Sherry Ortner traces the association of women with nature, both chaotic and unpredictable, and the ways in which it has been historically used to justify women’s subjugation. In a mark of defiance, Lapid’s flowers are thus reduced to their purest form. For Lapid, nudity can be emancipating just as much the traditional trope of flowers; her figures find power in their connection with nature, the woman riding the horse yields her flowers like a force to be reckoned with."


Aldgate 10 Greatorex St, E1 5NF