07/04/2022 - 15/05/2022

New Work - Painting

Pam Evelyn - Built on Clay

The Approach is excited to present Built on Clay, a UK debut solo exhibition of paintings by the young British painter Pam Evelyn (b.1996 UK).

"The show title takes its name from the geological composition of the city of London, which has a predominantly clay foundation. As a material, clay is volatile and unpredictable, it shrinks and expands depending on its water content, imbuing it with the capacity for collapse.

Evelyn’s painting process shares similar qualities, the title becoming a comment on the work itself. From the moment she approaches the canvas, Evelyn begins with a problematic and challenging foundation, an untackled and incalculable terrain. Yet, through placing trust in her own intuition, following her own painterly impulses, Evelyn builds – brushstroke by brushstroke, layer by layer, ‘brick by brick’ – a densely rich and textured canvas.

Thick layers of paint sediment atop one another; abstracted landscapes and figurations slowly emerge, disappear and reappear like changeable weather, a process which the artist likens to 'a mist rising.'"


Bethnal Green 1st Floor, 47 Approach Rd, E2 9LY