6 - 9pm, Thursday 16th Jan


Paola Ciarska, Sadé Mica & Salute C’est Cool - Givin u coy givin u smize

Ciarska paints a girl entering the gallery, taking pictures on their smartphone. The camera flips into selfie mode and they see their own eye. Their eye is like a convex mirror in an old painting. A thumb blocks the view from their smartphone screen. It blocks your eye like a moon.

Givin u coy givin u smize is an Instagram post by Mica. Their thumb is nearer to them than their phone screen and, for a split second, stops as they give face. Their scrolling is a doubling over, like polymer clay, and turns the screen for a split second into a cast of your hand.

Some odd objects by the French art/music collective Salut C’est Cool turn the gallery into a soft world in hard pictures. Their thumb presses so firmly on their phone that the screen cracks and the apps become a dark mass. Although this doesn’t happen. Your thumb is pig-headed.


Cambridge Heath 210 Cambridge Heath Rd, E9 9NQ