25/01/2023 - 25/02/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Paolo Salvador

Tue-Fri: 10-6pm; Sat: 11-4pm

Goodman Gallery presents a new suite of allegorical paintings by Peruvian-born, Berlin-based artist Paolo Salvador in partnership with Peres Projects. The artist continues to draw on a developing vocabulary of mythic imagery, commenting on universal themes relating to home and displacement as well as joy and grief. His painting practice presents a distinct “cosmovision” in which art, science and spirituality are intricately intertwined.

The artist considers his work to form part of a single body with his latest pieces continuing to unpack his Peruvian indigenous heritage in the context of a modern and industrialised world. These evocative paintings - defined by large expanses of richly saturated colour in which wild animals and human beings coexist - probe ideas around beauty and the natural world as well as colonisation and indigenous identity:

“Understanding and constructing identity is embedded into my practice - a process of discovering and rediscovering. I grew up in the 1990’s, when Peru had just come out of a period of terrorist conflict and had entered into a decade of dictatorship that distorted realities and culture. This was followed by the emergence of the internet and globalisation, which has had a huge impact on how we engage with culture. The crisis made thousands of Peruvians migrate to find a better future but has also created a new sort of folklore, which draws from older histories.”


Mayfair 26 Cork St, W1S 3ND