03/12/2021 - 21/12/2021

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Parrott Fine Art present Russian Group Show - Through the Eyes of Russia

"The contemporary Russian art sphere is actively expanding every year, affecting both the development of the new practices and inclusion of all the spheres of the society of modern Russia and other post-Soviet countries, as well as going far beyond their borders.

Only a small number of Russian artists have become widely known to the bigger audience abroad, including the UK. Therefore, in order to acquaint the art public of London with the current Russian art sphere.

Parrot Fine Arts brings to London a group exhibition Through the Eyes of multidisciplinary contemporary artists from all over Russia, each of which is distinguished by their bright style and high level of mastership. All exhibited artists call on viewers to actively interpret the works and form their own impression of what contemporary Russian art is."

Artists: - Marusya Borisova-Sevastyanova - Ira Mir - The Frym - Alisher Kushakov - Kirill Kto - Yulia Kerner - Margarita Godgelf - Viola Sevostianova - Elizaveta Glushkova - Dasha Maltseva - Olya Avstreyh - Masha Danilovskaia - Andrey Shustalov - Luda Foresman


Camden 174 Royal College St, NW1 0SP