5:30 - 8pm, Thursday 7th Nov


Patricia Treib - Limbs [5:30pm - Introduction to the exhibition Patricia Treib & Ben Luke]

Patricia Treib works at an immersive scale, one that feels closer to the size of a bed than a door. Nearly all her paintings are executed in the span of a single day. Working quickly but deliberately, Treib lays the canvas on the floor and then uses wide hake brushes to sweep paint over the surface, wiping out a gesture and repeating it until each trace is both immediate and precise.

Like the afterimage, the execution of the painting is a contraction of time: namely, the time of preparation, from the first sketch on paper (made perhaps years before the large painting) to the day the canvas was laid out on the floor. The legibility of the painting’s production is another: namely, the brushstrokes, through which one can imaginatively reconstruct Treib’s movements over the canvas, each one as fluid and particular as the way someone picks up a glass or ascends a staircase.


Shoreditch 27 Old Nichol St, E2 7HR