6 - 9pm, Monday 31st Oct


Paula R Rodriguez - Bienvenidos Al Mictlan

The Mexican Embassy in the Uk invites you to immerse yourself in a colourful solo show celebrating and exploring the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Paula R Rodriguez (1989, Mexico City) is a Mexican artist based in London, whose work combines creative explorations of her native Mexico with a socially engaged practice. Intersections between memory and place, as sites of personal and collective belonging, are central subjects of Rodriguez's work.

The exhibition celebrates the rich cultural significance of the Mexican “Day of the Dead”, exploring different aspects of this festivity, from Aztec mythology to the places and traditions that have become iconic during the Day of the Dead. The exhibition also includes installations and a program of activities inviting audiences to learn and engage with Mexican culture.

The magical journey to the realm of Mictlán, the Aztec underworld Land of the Dead, begins at the Mexican Residence (48 Belgrave Square), where your senses will be delighted by the immersive, monumental Day of the Dead Altar, with a blend of auditory and visual stimulations that will pay tribute to deceased loved ones.

Belgravia 8 Halkin Street, London SW1X 7DW