16/04/2022 - 18/06/2022

New Work - Installation

Pauline Julier curated by Jo Melvin - Wind Light Image

This exhibition hinges around the work ‘Naturalis Historia’ and assembles elements from it, in a site-specific installation at LG Gallery. ‘Naturalis Historia’ is composed of chapters; these unfold via the 2011 eruption of the Icelandic Eyjafjallajokull mountain which shut down air travel internationally stranding millions of passengers in numerous locations for several days. Julier herself was in a city amongst strangers, an experience which enables the work’s momentum, and its underlying reflective, meditative wake up, calling for a new Anthropocene alignment with the Earth. A conversation with Bruno Latour, the philosopher and social theorist conducted by Julier features as a chapter in ‘Naturalis Historia’ and in the artist’s book with the same title. A transcript is available in the exhibition.


Fitzrovia 2 Hanway Pl, W1T 1HB