13/07/2022 - 17/09/2022

New Work - Painting

Peppi Bottrop, Andreas Breunig & Jana Schröder - WHAT TIME IS IT?

Mon-Fri: 10-5pm

Skarstedt is pleased to announce What time is it?, the exhibition of works by three artists presenting the new generation of abstract painters in Germany - Peppi Bottrop, Andreas Breunig and Jana Schröder.

Portraying complex networks of lines and colour fields, each body of work appears to follow its own internal logic, fusing the analytical approach to abstraction with the unpredictability of a single meandering line. Employing inside jokes, personal memories or self-imposed rules in their compositions, the artists avoid overt messaging whilst alerting the viewer to the aesthetic and social context of the present moment.


St James's 8 Bennet St, SW1A 1RP