24/02/2022 - 21/05/2022

Mid C20th-Early C21st - Painting

Per Kirkeby - Geological Messages: Painting 1967-2015

Michael Werner Gallery presents an exhibition of paintings by Danish artist Per Kirkeby (1938 - 2018) which will focus on the artist’s lifelong engagement with landscape, geology, and the natural world.

Kirkeby's interest in visible and invisible structures that confirgure the physical world has been well-documented. The artist studied geology in the 1950s, travelling on expeditions to Greenland and the Arctic. Making a radical shift in his life, Kirkeby decided to become an artist and enrolled in Copenhagen's Experimental Art School in the early 1960s.

One of Scandinavia's most important 20th century artists, Kirkeby followed the tradition of Northern European painters like Caspar David Friedrich and Edvard Munch. Like his predecessors, the artist sought to encapsulate the light and patterns of the landscape of his homeland on canvas.


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