10 - 6pm, Thursday 7th Nov


Picturing the Invisible: A two-day conference

As our understanding of the complexity of the world grows incrementally, so does our realisation that issues and problems can rarely be resolved within neat demarcations. Therefore, finding means of communicating across disciplines and fields becomes a priority.

This conference is the conclusion of the one-year AHRC-funded Network Grant. This two-day event brings together leading academics from a wide range of disciplines including art and design, architecture, curatorial practice, literature, forensic science, fashion, medical science, psychoanalysis & psychotherapy, philosophy and astrophysics, with a shared interest in exploring how, in each discipline, we strive to find expression for the invisible or unknown.

Speakers: Paul Coldwell, Stephan Doering, Mark Emberton, Adam Gibson, Owen Hopkins, Roger Kneebone, Katy Makin, Martyna Marciniak (Forensic Architecture), Jose-Eliel Camargo-Molina, Ruth Morgan, Joseph Norris, Sandra Ross, Tanja Staehler, Susan Tallman, Irene Tracey, Roberto Trotta, Tabitha Tuckett.

Pimlico Billiards Room, 45 Millbank, SW1P 4RQ