6 - 8pm, Wednesday 19th Feb

Opening & Artist Talk

Pieter Hugo - La Cucaracha

Huxley-Parlour presents 'La Cucaracha', new photographs by South African artist Pieter Hugo. A multifaceted study of place, the series includes a mix of individual portraits, vibrant and visceral landscapes, interior studies and still lifes, and explores death, sexuality and spirituality in Mexico.

The series reflects the artist’s long-standing interest in how history and environment can shape a culture and those living within it.

Hugo looks to rituals of rites of passage, and their associated formal codes of conduct and dress, but also wider rituals of religion, theatre and community. In this series, he specifically looks to the impact on the physical body, creating powerful portraits that focus on tattoos, jewellery, of sweat on skin and scars.


Mayfair 5 Swallow St, W1B 4DE