19/03/2023 - 04/06/2023

Contemporary - Installation

Pilvi Takala - On Discomfort

Wed-Sun: 12-6pm

Goldsmiths CCA will host a solo exhibition by artist Pilvi Takala (b. 1981, Finland). The exhibition will be the most extensive UK showing of her work to date and includes the multi-channel installation Close Watch (2022), which was presented at the Finnish Pavilion for the 2022 Venice Biennale.

Takala was employed as a fully-qualified security guard for six months at one of Finland’s largest shopping malls. Working covertly, she explored the obscure parameters of the private security industry. Various issues she experienced at the mall are worked through in a series of filmed subsequent workshops with her colleagues.

Takala works through video, performance, and installation, to stress test the conventions and codes that govern our daily interactions. Infiltrating offices, theme parks, shopping malls, and public spaces, she adopts a softly disruptive but camouflaged persona; an intern, Snow White, or a ‘wellness consultant’.

Her behaviour prompts reactions that are revealing of those around her. Often humorous, sometimes threatening or perplexing, her actions force those around her to articulate their discomfort, so delineating soft boundaries that have been crossed. Our social norms are quietly revealed to be disciplined by the conventions of capitalist culture, shaping us in a mould of consumer rather than citizen. Exceptionally, Takala’s work takes us beyond the revelation of these complex issues. The idea of resolution, or the invitation to think beyond critique is firmly embedded within the work.


New Cross St James’, New Cross, London, SE14 6AD