16/11/2022 - 08/12/2022

Contemporary - Painting

POSTPONED - Six Artist Group Show - A Path With Heart

UPDATE - The show has been POSTPONED.

The Split Gallery present their third show ‘A Path With Heart', featuring artists: Johanna Bath, Georgia Grinter, Anna-Lena Krause, Holl Mills, Norberto Spina & Thom Trojanowski.

A Path With Heart embarks on a journey through a haze of fragmented and illusory visions. The exhibition features six artists — Johanna Bath, Georgia Grinter, Anna-Lena Krause, Holly Mills, Norberto Spina and Thom Trojanowski — accompanied by a story of voyage and mirage by Harry Kumar.

On this journey, our protagonist is confronted by loneliness, desolation and yearning. Sand is endless; consciousness is sapping. Every door opens to an uncertain, ever-transmuting realm. The protagonist’s perception of the world persistently morphs; reality is molten and the margins of each surfacing scene gently crumble into dust.

Between faint visions of a desolate land appear fragile memories from a more familiar world. But the comfort of this familiarity is temporary; every moment dissolves unresolvedly into the barren landscape. Efforts to detangle the ambiguous become entwined in a knot of nebulous inexplicability. As more is revealed, less is resolved.

Haggerston 237 Hackney Rd, London E2 8NA