12 - 6pm, Friday 26th Nov

C15 Prints + VR

Presented in collaboration with Sotheby's Prints Department - You Are Here: Albrecht Dürer and VR Overview

"The new art must be based on science" - Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528)

Sapling is proud to present You Are Here: Albrecht Dürer and VR Overview Effect. The exhibition places Renaissance masterpieces in conversation with a scientific digital experience. This dialogue spans centuries, exploring paradigm shifts of our perception of Earth in relation to space.

Sapling will exhibit three rare and important engravings. Melencolia I (Bartsch 74; Meder, Hollstein 75), 1514, captures the rise of modern science infused with creative anxiety.

These are present with VR Overview Effect is a guided meditation designed by Dr. Annahita Nezami. Simulating the experience of looking back to earth from space, it hopes to impart a fraction of the Overview Effect while standing on Earth.

Combining once cutting edge printing techniques with VR explores how technology mediates our perception of the world. What tools might Dürer have used, had he been alive today?


Mayfair 124 Mount Street Mews, London W1K 3NR