6 - 8pm, Thursday 17th Oct


Prof. Dorothy Price [Editor of Art History. lecturer, U of Bristol] & Dr. Camilla Smith [Lecturer. Art Histroy, U of Birmingham] - Weimar’s Others: Art History, Alterity and Regionalism in Inter-War Germany

Dorothy Price and Camilla Smith discuss what Weimar culture has contributed to the discipline of art history, one hundred years after the Republic’s formation.

We explore where art-historical research on Weimar might be heading and what, if any, the continued resonances of art made during this era might be, well beyond the immediacy of its origins in the 1920s and early 30s Germany.

In light of the new scholarship featured in this special issue of Art History, which foregrounds critical race, material cultural analysis, gender, queer and disability studies, we examine how a focus on art–historical margins – what we refer to as Weimar’s ‘others’ – may either change our thinking about what the Republic was, or perhaps confirm the dominant narratives of decadent excess, moral decay and imminent political danger that have so long defined this period.

King's Cross Vernon Sq, Penton Rise, WC1X 9EW