6 - 8pm, Thursday 23rd Jun


Purslane present Colette LaVette - In Reverie

‘In Reverie,’ Colette Lavette’s inaugural solo exhibition is a journey to imagined lands far from modern civilisation. Appearing ephemeral and hazy in quality, rather than being scenes of pure prelapsarian bliss these phantasmagorical dreamworlds are perhaps not so far removed from our own reality, this intentional ambiguity allows ample room for fluid interpretation on the viewers' part.

Mythological narratives form the framework for these works, expressed through a visual lexicon akin to a prehistoric cave painted story. Glimmers of primitive tribalism peak through as biomorphic forms emerge from the expressionist mark-making, depicted indulging in their own hedonistic endeavours. The gestures and postures of the figures are taken from Rococo and Renaissance masterpieces, reformulated in a contemporary painterly language. Within Colette’s work, there is an ever-present tension between the rough impasto paint and the serene figures who are seen dancing, reclining and bathing.

Sustainable working methods underpin Colette’s practice. Harnessing the same type of pigments that were used in prehistoric cave paintings, the paintings are made to last indefinitely, are non-toxic and would biodegrade naturally if returned to the earth. In a similar sense, the figures within the work coalesce with their natural surroundings, perhaps hinting at the fraught and irreverant relationship that exists between humanity and nature in contemporary society.

Ladbroke Grove 230 Portobello Rd, W11 1LJ