6 - 9pm, Wednesday 24th Nov


Purslane presents Lily Macrae - All That Remains

All That Remains follows from series of series of sold out Macrae has taken part in. Macrae's distinctive style draws inspiration from the masters of art history from Caravaggio to Rubens. Reappropriating imagery from a diverse range of sources, from film-stills to Old Master paintings, and Baroque masterpieces in particular, Macrae reimagines these stories through a contemporary lens utilising dramatic and visceral brushwork.
Macrae’s canvases simultaneously present both an act of excavation and construction as she draws influences from the past while transforming them as part of her contemporary aesthetics and stylistic vernacular. Method and memory are at the core of Macrae’s practice as she attempts to retrieve something that is not forgotten and immortalise it through her artworks.

Purslane functions as an online platform that is centred around promoting young artistic talent whilst raising funds for different philanthropic causes. The aim is to provide an accessible, simple and beautiful space for new and existing collectors to get inspired and excited by art.

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