12/05/2022 - 04/06/2022

New Work - Collage

Rachel Lowe - First Upon the Eyes

PALFREY is thrilled to present First Upon the Eyes, a solo exhibition by Rachel Lowe. The exhibition focuses on the video work Her Hard Forehead (2016), which is presented alongside a new series of collages.

In an attempt to degrade and confuse the image, Her Hard Forehead employs a deliberate regression of technology. Switching between analogue and digital, it follows a reverse trajectory which seeks to obscure rather than clarify, so that the moving image on the screen becomes ultimately less decipherable and less believable than it was at its starting point. Drawing attention to the physicality of the monitor as an object, the work also questions the relationship between viewer and screen.

The collages utilise a similar disruption to the two-dimensional surface of the image. Each one begins with a found image of a face. This is then altered in such a way that our understanding of the subject disintegrates and attention is drawn instead to our reliance on a general flow of images and our unconscious investment in the identities they construct.


Oval 8 Palfrey Place, SW8 1PA