25/03/2022 - 11/09/2022

New Work - Sculpture, Design & Painting

Rana Begum - Dappled Light

Wed: 10-5

Pitzhanger will present a solo exhibition of work by distinguished artist Rana Begum RA this spring, with striking works which explore the perception of light, colour and form and blur the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, design and painting.

Dappled Light will set up a dynamic dialogue with John Soane’s design of Pitzhanger as the works respond to the Manor’s architecture, sightlines, and intricate interior decorative schemes. Several works will be displayed beyond the Gallery around the Manor, responding strikingly to its spaces.

Works on display include a newly-created large-scale suspended mesh installation which reveals soft veils and layers of colour and Rana’s first video work, which captures the fugitive light in a woodland outside the artist’s city home as it cycles through the seasons during a year of lockdown.

Tickets: £7.70 (Concession: £4.95 )


Ealing Mattock Lane, W5 5EQ