06/08/2022 - 14/08/2022

Student Showcase - Mixed Medium

RCA Working Class Collective - Pure Class


Pure Class challenges the hierarchy of taste and contradicts the pre-packaged, one-dimensional image of what it is to be working class. The show proposes social class as a lens through which to critique access to representation and inclusion by highlighting a spectrum of working-class artists, who span a range of intersecting identities. The work exhibited is as diverse as it is ambitious, and serves as a celebration of the multifaceted, pluralistic identity of working class people.

The various approaches of artists range from the immediate to the meditative; the ephemeral to the concrete, across multiple disciplines, including sculpture, painting, installation, performance and moving image. The work engages with issues as diverse as fatness, complex familial relationships, death, and care. Through relationships with one another as well as relationships with the digital and the natural world, the artists explore what solidarity looks like in all its possible forms.'


Bethnal Green 200 Cambridge Heath Rd, E2 9PA