11/10/2022 - 28/01/2023

Contemporary - Sculpture

Rebeca Romero & Maria Joranko - Oracles and Algorithms

Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

Copperfield, London is pleased to present Oracles and Algorithms, with works by Rebeca Romero and Maria Joranko.

Both Romero and Joranko reconfigure historical objects from non-western civilisations. Their works draw attention to the artifice of knowledge-construction, specifically that of the fabrication of historical narratives by self serving empires.

Peruvian born, Romero’s practice explores the connections between technology and an often imposed Western vision of history. Through a range of media, including sculpture, textiles, AI image manipulation, 3D printing and video, she considers diasporic identity, truth, fiction, and their relationship to the digital age.

Maria Joranko, explores in her own terms the mysticism of knowledge-creation and the potentials for making a new future based on the inclusion of narratives from more eras and cultures. Latinx/American artist, Joranko creates artworks examining our connection to ourselves and our heritage.

Her works – made from oxides, clay, hair, rose leaves and petals, pampas grass, and 3D printing – aim to create a performative space in which we are re-energised by a newly found connection to our history and selves, and to the true container of all consciousness: Earth.


Southwark 6 Copperfield St, SE1 0EP