17/05/2023 - 03/06/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Rebekah Rubalcava - Beautiful Surrender

Wed-Fri: 12-5pm; Sat: 12-6pm

Soho Revue is pleased to present ‘A Beautiful Surrender’, a solo exhibition of paintings by Rebekah Rubalcava.

"Sweetness and violence coincide in this new body of paintings which document a process of catharsis for Rebekah in response to her upbringing in a strict religious household. Her paintings confront feelings of shame, anger, passion and desire and use the natural world, specifically the extreme weather conditions found in New Mexico, as a metaphor for her own emotive narratives, romanticised experiences and intrusive thoughts.

Rebekah’s idiosyncratic style arises from a variety of inspirations including the pastoral landscape of New Mexico and the ‘cheesy’ style of Hollywood film. She combines these in performative paintings which echo the tendency to theatricalise emotions and experiences in the brain, with figures lying melodramatically in fields as tornadoes approach or romantically kissing under the eye of a storm. Like movies, Rebekah’s paintings coincide with lessons, memories or revelations she may have come to terms with."


Soho 14 Greek St, Soho W1D 4DP