6 - 10pm, Thursday 24th Nov


Redeye present - The African Desperate

Martine Syms presents a day in the life of a Black artist, Palace Bryant, who is finishing their MFA (Master of Fine Art). The African Desperate is a story pulled from the absurdity of her personal experience and spread across the screen.

Syms is the effect of the progression of black filmmaking and its potential. She takes full artistic liberty in visual choice and sound direction, and with the help of composers and music artists, Aunt Sister, Colin Self and Ben Babbitt, maintains the whiplash of transcending creative academia.

We are in a new age of film, pioneered by creatives like Martine Syms, Jordan Peel (Nope) and Childish Gambino (Atlanta); they create surreal and absurd portrayals/expressions as alternatives, equivalent to extremes of Black (American) experiences.

The artwork we will present on the evening in response to The African Desperate is by Interdisciplinary artist Hamed Maiye.

Borough 79-81 Borough Road, London SE1 1DN