30/03/2023 - 16/07/2023

Contemporary - Installation

RESOLVE Collective - them's the breaks

Daily: 11-7pm

Creating a large-scale installation and public programme for visitors to inhabit and participate in, RESOLVE Collective consider radical ideas for organising both within and without institutions.

Taking over The Curve, you’re invited to become a part of the art, built on site using objects foraged from London’s cultural institutions and exhibitions. A series of public events, developed in collaboration with a network of exciting artists, activists, writers, DJs, and designers, will then occupy this transformed gallery space.

As part of the display, they’ll use technology usually found in structural engineering to visualise what’s happening inside the Barbican's concrete structure: using the cracks that naturally occur over time in a building as prompts for how we consider the structural decline of our systems, institutions, and buildings. An inter-disciplinary design studio with its roots in South London and extended across the UK, RESOLVE Collective use their commissions to platform local organisations and spark social change.


Barbican Silk St, EC2Y 8DS