6:30 - 8:30pm, Wednesday 26th Feb


Riccardo Guarneri & Qingzhen Han - Painting the Infinite

rosenfeld is delighted to present a joint exhibition of the 86 year old Florentine artist Riccar- do Guarneri and the 29 year old Chinese artist from Dalian, Qingzhen Han.

The artists place light and the infinite at the centre of their artistic practice; both being viewed as a conduit to the mys- teries of spirituality and the cosmos. Guarneri and Han speak of the impalpable and both concern themselves with the visible and the virtually invisible as, in different ways, their canvases take us on a voyage of initiation.

Formally very different, yet conceptually connected even though from a gen- erational and cultural perspective they are worlds apart.


Fitzrovia 37 Rathbone St, Fitzrovia, W1T 1NZ