6:30 - 8:30pm, Thursday 12th Mar


Rob Voerman - COLONY

This exhibition is the first solo-show of Voerman’s work in 14 years in the UK. Previously Voerman has exhibitions at the Architectural Association London and at Rhodes + Mann. His new exhibition includes new works, sculptures, prints, photo-works and light-boxes.

As an artist Rob Voerman focuses on a dialog between architecture, power and nature while making a strong connection with the history of utopian thinking and ideas.

In this show Voerman explores the idea that we live in a time marked by the dangers of a possible breakdown of society as we know it. The exhibition refers to current political events: Brexit, The EU, Trump, Bolsonaro and the media- and to the social-media-landscape that is connected and influencing our political discourse and recent election results.


Cambridge Heath 6D Sheep Lane, E8 4QS