09/03/2023 - 03/06/2023

Contemporary - Photography

Roman Manfredi co-curated by Ingrid Pollard - We/Us

Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

We/Us is an intergenerational photography and oral history project that celebrates the presence of butches and studs from working-class backgrounds within the British landscape. The project explores the experience of female masculinity through the structures of class and race all over the UK, capturing our diversity as well as our commonality.

When searching for images of butches and studs online, most that come up are from a bygone era, or from the US. Conversations around gender and identity today are often academic and London-centric, sometimes forgetting that our identities are informed by our every day lived experiences.

Artists: Aderonke Apata, Carla Choppy, CJ Sammons, Courtney Jones, Crin Claxton, De Castro, Debbie Smith, Del Dyer, Dovile Lapinskaite, Edyn Culverwell, Fiona King, Gideon Reed, Janina Sabaliauskaite, Jay Hopkins, Joelle Taylor, Keisha, Castello, Khi James, Kin, Laura Njoku, Louise Wallwein, Lyla Row, Lynette Blake, Maia Wyse, Mel McVey, Michelle Kokiri, Mickey Flynn, Nade Wood, Nikki Brewer, Paige McGrory, Sadh Kanadia, Sal Greener, Sam Ross, Shan Haywood, Sim Wright, SJ, Sky Young, Stevie Arnold, Sue Gossedge, Sumay Hwang & Veronica Fearon


Kennington Building One, 373 Kennington Rd, SE11 4PT