24/03/2022 - 29/08/2022

Archive - Plants & Fungi

Rooted Beings

Mon-Wed: 10-6pm; Thu: 10-8pm (Late Opening); Fri-Sun: 10-6pm

"‘Rooted Beings’ invites you to embark on a meditative reflection on the world of plants and fungi. The exhibition considers what we might learn from plant behaviour, and the impacts of colonial expeditions on the exploitation of natural resources and indigenous knowledges.

You’ll see botanical archives from Wellcome Collection and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew displayed alongside works by artists Gözde İlkin, Ingela Ihrman and Joseca, with new commissions by Patricia Domínguez, Eduardo Navarro, RESOLVE Collective and Sop.

Plants sustain life on earth. They are sensitive, complex and interconnected beings, playing surprisingly active roles in ecosystems and human societies. ‘Rooted Beings’ asks if we can become more rooted, attentive, flexible and caring – and attain vegetal enlightenment."

The exhibition is curated by Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz with Emily Sargent.


Euston 183 Euston Rd, NW1 2BE