16/03/2023 - 22/04/2023

Contemporary - Multi-Disciplinary

Rose Salane - Basins of Attraction

Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

“In July and October of 2022, I had the privilege of visiting the Archeological Park of Pompeii as a Fellow with Pompeii Commitment. I was generously granted access to work with artifacts in Pompeii's archive and storage deposits. As a result of the residency period I published an essay, The Feedback Loop of Belongings in response to the artifacts I worked with in the archives. I specifically took great interest in the accumulation of apology letters that Pompeii received from its tourists over the years. These letters were accompanied by small fragments of mosaics, dirt, or ash from the park itself which were taken and kept by the sender who had decided to return it to the park in hopes of getting rid of a ‘spell’ and regaining their ‘luck’. At the storage deposits, I was allowed to document and create photographs of the letter and material fragments. The fellowship greatly impacted my research and initiated a show that will open March 15, 2023 at Carlos/Ishikawa Gallery in London.

The exhibition focuses on iterations of place through site specific descriptions which are seen through both physical objects and personal testimonies such as those in the returned fragments of Pompeii. I am interested in how these circumstances of theft, return and confession describe relationships to impermanence and memory within our contemporary moment while reflecting on a ruin. I strongly believe that the inclusion of the photographs of the returns will be beneficial for understanding dynamic relationships to time and the perpetual desire to hold onto history.

– Rose Salane, March 2023”


Stepney Unit 4, 88 Mile End Rd, E1 4UN