6 - 8pm, Thursday 9th Sep


Rui Matsunaga - The Myth of Survival

The exhibition title points to the links between ‘myths’ and ‘survival’. Survival itself is something of a myth, as we live in a world in which famine, plague and war have not been solved. Meanwhile, we need myths for survival. The ‘human story’ described by Yuval Harari binds humans together by building our social identity as the strongest species on the planet.

In this show, Rui Matsunaga presents another myth for survival: animism. It narrativizes the spirituality possessed by every creature in the world. Humans are not placed at the centre. The framework functions like ecosystem not only to connect people together, but also to connect them with the land or with abstract ideas such as another world.

Regent's Park 14 Cornwall Terrace, NW1 4QP