6 - 8pm, Tuesday 24th May


Ruth Laskey - Twill Series (Circles)

For her debut exhibition with Huxley-Parlour and her first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom, Ruth Laskey presents a suite of seven new weavings from her Twill Series: a sustained exploration of form, colour, and process that has defined fifteen years of artistic production. Her latest body of work, entitled Twill Series (Circles), comprises seven of Laskey’s largest weavings to date, each featuring three distinctly coloured circular motifs within a larger rectilinear colourfield.

Using hand woven and hand dyed fabrics, Ruth Laskey makes minimalist textiles with a unique internal geometry, mediating formal themes of shape, palette, and material. Her work has been described as building on the lineage of Bauhaus artists such as Anni and Josef Albers - in particular their experiments in textile and composition.

In keeping with the elegant, self-imposed constraint that has defined the artist’s ongoing Twill Series, Laskey’s Circles are rendered through contrasting regions of twill and plain weave – the two simplest textile weave patterns. The resultant weavings, though meticulously procedural in their making and fundamentally linear in their compositions, are, paradoxically, painterly and organic.

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