15/03/2023 - 12/04/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Sara Bonache, Rosalind Howdle & Megan Menzies - The Mosaic of Blossom

Tue-Wed: 12-6pm or by appointment.

The Mosaic of Blossom is a group exhibition with works by Sara Bonache, Rosalind Howdle, and Megan Menzies. The research behind this show surrounds a quest of the three artists' lifelong fascination with nature, femininity, and the bond between these. The exhibition aims at forging brand-new conversations around such topics. The Mosaic of Blossom can be thought of as a parallel investigation of the meaning of nature as it relates to life and women as they relate to nature, a life-giving narrative.

The relationship between female artists and nature is probably the most enduring love affair in art history, often depicted and honoured through centuries. Nature mirrors women for its ability to sustain life, being comforting and loving at the same time. Just like the female body, nature follows cycles, often evoked by circular patterns and echoing shapes on the canvas. In The Mosaic of Blossom, nature becomes the looking glass of these three women; it is intuitive and intimate and reciprocates women's needs in an attempt to restore their primitive bond.


Marylebone 1st Floor, 39 Margaret Street, London W1G 0JQ