02/10/2021 - 13/11/2021

New Work - Film & Photography

Sarah Dobai - The Donkey Field

The central feature of the exhibition will be a single screen film titled The Donkey Field. Based on sections of a family member’s account of his experiences in Budapest in 1944, the film focuses on the insidious impact of discrimination, persecution, and displacement on a child.

Motivated partially by recognizing the historical resonance of Europe’s flawed response to the ongoing refugee crisis, The Donkey Field aims to reflect on the processes by which dehumanization of a people becomes normalized overtime, implicating not only the authorities but society as a whole.

The exhibition will also feature several new photographic works, depicting places whose pastoral qualities become shadowed by their association with dark episodes in European history.


Kennington 123 Kennington Rd, SE11 6SF