16/09/2022 - 05/10/2022

New Work - Painting

Sarah Elmur - Water + Electricity

Mon-Fri: 10-6pm

Vigo Gallery is proud to present monumental new paintings by Cairo based Sudanese artist Salah Elmur from his emerging ‘Water and Electricity’ series.

The exhibition will be the artists second solo show with Vigo following the ‘Innocent Prisoner’ series shown in October 2021 from which three works are now in the collection of Centre Pompidou.

For Elmur, ‘Water and Electricity’, the elements necessary for life in the modern world, capture memories real and imagined and hark back to the magic of his childhood in Sudan. They are our most valuable, precious resources and the infrastructure that has been built around these elements symbolise for him Sudan’s modern history and our potential as a species. He uses the imagery of water and power production as a vehicle to absorb and reinterpret memory, place and history.


St James's 8 Masons Yard, St James's, London, SW1 6BU