22/04/2022 - 21/05/2022

New Work - Painting

Sarah Kogan - Warp

Karsten Schubert London is pleased to present Warp, an exhibition of new paintings by Sarah Kogan. Working in stages in her London studio, Kogan applies paint that she then scrapes away or paints over, leaving traces of its existence or memory, a process she likens to leaving her ‘fingerprints’ behind. Often comprised of multiple layers in varying degrees of opacity, each composition exists within the outline of an amorphous shape set against a pale background, highlighting the surface variations. Kogan’s method of controlling and manipulating the materiality of paint creates shapes-within-shapes comprised of controlled spills, stains and solid pools of colour. The result of this deliberate entanglement instills the paintings with a condensed visceral energy that appears to circulate within it.


Soho 44 Lexington Street, W1F 0LW