20/02/2023 - 24/03/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Sasha Bergstrom-Katz & Tomas Percival - Psychotechne: Assessment, Testing, Categorisation

Mon-Fri: 10-8pm

This exhibition critically explores the assessment, testing, and categorisation of individuals. Artists Sasha Bergstrom-Katz and Tomas Percival share an interest in how educational, medical and legal systems produce categorisations in ways that can then be used within institutional structures.

Bergstrom-Katz’s ongoing project probes the history of intelligence testing by looking at the tests themselves. She presents an interactive desk as a space for exploration and engagement. The desk houses two historical intelligence tests alongside objects, images and articles that illustrate their ties to education, military recruitment and formations of race and ethnicity.

Percival’s research project investigates OASys, a risk assessment tool used within British prisons to assess incarcerated people. His work examines how such tools are used to manage and control individuals and aims to produce a counter-narrative to the dominant assessment generated by such carceral technologies.


Bloomsbury 46 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PD