25/01/2023 - 07/05/2023

Late C20th-Contemporary - Painting

Scott Covert - C'est la vie

Wed-Sun: 12-5pm

A major exhibition of works by Scott Covert (b. New Jersey, 1954), the artist’s first solo presentation outside of the US.

For nearly forty years, Covert’s practice has largely evolved around his long-standing series of Monument paintings: carefully rendered rubbings of gravestones in chalk, oil stick or charcoal on canvas and paper. In this decades–long project, the artist has accumulated a vast collection of works.

His paintings knowingly engage with the history of 20th Century American abstraction: surfaces covered with layered rubbings become visual colour-fields or are painstakingly filled with undulating checked patterns. Conversely, his explorations of celebrity, legacy and infamy have a Warholian quality. However, rather than Pop’s removed reproduction of cultural icons, Covert’s dynamic transcriptions of gravestones evidence the artist’s hand and the immediacy of his mark marking is in direct relation to the object and site.


Clapham 1a Nelsons Row, SW4 7JR