6 - 8pm, Thursday 12th Sep

Private View

Sebastian Brajkovic - The Occidental Artisan

Sebastian Brajkovic makes sculptural furniture that subverts design conventions. 'The Occidental Artisan' is anchored by a group of benches and chairs whose iconoclastic, anthropomorphic forms are juxtaposed with a restrained, 18th century aesthetic.

In a departure from his earlier work, especially the acclaimed Lathe series [2006-2016], Brajkovic has eschewed the use of digital technology, honouring instead the presence of the hand. ‘We don’t want to unlearn our instinctive ways of making and relinquish our souls to the robots,’ he says.

His works are collected by major institutions including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Art & Design, New York, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

St James's 4 King St, SW1Y 6QP

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