06/10/2022 - 28/10/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Selma Parlour - Yonder Cloud

Tue-Sat: 12-6pm

"Having created a unique visual vocabulary comprising diagrammatic space, framing, trompe l'oeil illusion, haptic surfaces, transparency, repetition, and of course, colour, Selma Parlour is known for her meticulous oil paintings that appear as though they are drawn, dyed, or printed.

These elegant paintings belie a rigorous process that sees the weave of the soft linen substrate exposed within colour. And, colour – pastel, vivid, sour – is ‘backlit’ by the white primer beneath creating a glow reminiscent of the photograph or screen.

From Piet Mondrian’s homogenisation of pictorial space, to Jonathan Lasker’s impasto lattices and Heimo Zobernig leaving his masking tape attached to his canvas, the modernist grid is synonymous with an assertion of painting as a literal object, over and above its facility for illusion.

Conversely, Parlour reimagines the grid as a site for illusion. For Yonder Cloud, her grids are patterns of relation but they can also be read as codified representations of multiple paintings in a salon hang. While an abstract painting commenting on the pragmatics of its display is familiar territory for abstraction (e.g., Robert Ryman), in her Salon Paintings Parlour uses abstraction to re-present representation as such. Or, as a certain surrealist might have put it: this is not a salon hang.

With her playful reworking of historical parameters Parlour underscores the disparity between what we see and what we interpret. Meaning lies with what the viewer bestows – this succinctly illustrated by Parlour’s reflexive approach to painting, as it is with Shakespeare’s ‘yonder cloud’ exchange."


Fitzrovia 55 Eastcastle St, W1W 8EG