6 - 8pm, Thursday 3rd Nov


Seven Artist Group Show - Between You and Me

San Mei Gallery is pleased to present Between You and Me, a group exhibition featuring works by Boon & Baum, Gray Wielebinski, Louis Blue Newby & Laila Majid, Madeleine Pledge, Steph Huang, and Veerle Melis.

Marking the five-year anniversary of the gallery, this exhibition brings together artists who have worked with San Mei Gallery or our sister space, Van Gogh House.

Reflecting on the entanglements between material objects and social relationships, the artists in this exhibition explore the intimate, fleeting and fragmentary patchwork of things and people that coalesce and give form to an art space. In doing so, the exhibition emphasises the exhibition space as both a public and personal forum, informed as much by collaborations, casual conversations and friendships, as by wider contexts and historical events.


Brixton 39a Loughborugh Rd, SW9 7TB