18/04/2023 - 30/05/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Seven Artist Group Show - Floradise

Wed-Sat: 11-5pm

"Welcome to Floradise, a floral disco paradise. This women-lead exhibition is an ode to flora and celebration of muliebrity. Noticeably absent from this collection of works is the presence of human beings. While hand-made objects and structures can be witnessed, fauna and flora replace men and women as central artistic subjects. Amid this absence, exotic plants and flowers are free to grow and thrive, reclaiming their place as living and emotive entities."

Artists: Cathy Tabbakh, Daria Coleridge, HelloMarine, Karen Tronel, Kate Morgan, Nadia Attura & Sally Anne Fitter


South Kensington 16 Victoria Grove, London W8 5RW