12/11/2021 - 18/12/2021

New Work - Mixed Medium

Seven Artist Group Show - In ( Matters of the Soul)

Artists - Stephen Nelson, Jane Millar, Olly Fathers, James Tailor, Stephen Palmer, John Bunker and Lex Shute.

"21 grams was the disputed weight of a persons soul as measured in Duncan MacDougals 1901 experiments on people before and after death.

Does artwork have soul?

“In (Matters of the Soul”) is a celebration of material artwork, of artwork that has its own hybrid identity and that has its own soulful body.

Certain work defies classification, playing with its own materiality and the illusion of what its seems to be. Other work plays with the legacy of the previous life represented in its material and the soulful spirit that could lie within.

There is also something of an “incorporeal essence” that resides In (Matters of the Soul) put there by the artists hand."


Walworth The Chaplin Centre Taplow House, Thurlow St ,SE17 2DG