14/01/2022 - 29/01/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Seven Artist Group Show - Snakes On A Picture Plane

The UK Mexican Art Society hosts this exhibition that playfully explores the disruptive potential of the snake as a multifaceted symbol and compositional tool. As a site for the uncanny, the ambiguous and regenerative, the serpent has an historical emotional impact on imagery and representation. Snakes have often been allegories for rupturing the status quo and here they are used to confound the expectations of the picture plane.

Within this exhibition the artists use video, sculpture and painting to find the poetic value of the snake in expressing gender, politics, and sexuality. This expanded painting show invites you to reimagine pictorial space through a nest of serpents.

Artists - Isobel Atacus , Flora Bradwell, Amber Khan, Sophie Lourdes Knight, Emily Mannion, Lindsey McLean and Clare Rees-Hale


Euston 96 Chalton St, NW1 1HJ