19/04/2023 - 27/05/2023

Contemporary - Painting & Drawing

Seventeen Artist Group Show - Ömie

Tue-Sat: 11-6pm

JGM Gallery presents Ömie, a group exhibition of 17 artists working on nioge (barkcloth).

Nioge (barkcloth) is the medium of a traditional art form that originates in Oro Province, Papua New Guinea. The residents of this area, the Ömie, live in a village on the side of an active volcano called Huvaemo. It is here that they create and decorate barkcloth in a form of expression that is both utilitarian and artistic. Traditionally, nioge have been used for ceremonial and everyday clothing, however, in more recent years they have also been made for purely artistic appreciation.

Exhibiting artists include Albert Sirimi (Nanati), Brenda Kesi, Elizabeth Guho (Owkeja), Faith Jina'emi (Iva), Mala Nari (Matosi),Wilma Rubuno (Lamay), Pauline-Rose Hago (Derami), Rosemon Hinana, Jessie Bujava (Kipora), Diona Jonevari (Suwarari), Magdalene Bujava (Kolahi), Pennyrose Sosa, Elvina Naumo (Ebahino), Jean Niduvé (Uriho), Barbara Rauno (Inasu), Maureen Sirimi (Jafuri) and Patricia Warera (Matomguo).


Battersea 24 Howie St, SW11 4AY