14/10/2022 - 05/11/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Seventeen Artist Group Show - Young Americans

Mon-Sat: 11-6pm

The exhibition presents the latest in a diverse range of painting styles American artists have come to adopt, how artists in the United States are responding via their work to locations, environments and experiences, and the worlds created in the imagination.

When one is asked to consider what American art is today, it’s both a desire and a refusal to locate a simple answer.

Artists - Alejandra Moros, Amanda Michelle Barker, Auudi Dorsey, Anthony Miler, Corydon Cowansage, Elmer Guevara, Emmanuel Massillon, Kenrick Mcfarlane, Matthew Hansel, Monsieur Zohore, Natalie Terenzini, Nick Irzyk, Rob Thom, Ryan Cosbert, Wendy Park, Zoe Walsh & Yirui Jia


Fitzrovia 37 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DR