6 - 7:30pm, Saturday 11th Jun


Shamiran Istifan - Precious Pipeline

Precious Pipeline is dedicated to global systems of meaning: a response to sacredness, ‘the interconnectedness of things’, radical margins, rhizomatic communities, Instagram mutuals, and the preciousness of womanhood. Ribboned tightly like a corset, these preordained codes of conduct are worn with a painful sensitivity: the exhibition is dedicated to those who wear their heart on their sleeve.

In her first UK solo exhibition, Shamiran Istifan addresses the complexity of relations across politics, culture, philosophy, gender and geography. She boldly visualises a series of responses to the intricacies of world-building, drawing on relational aesthetics intimate to her own lived experiences. The exhibition combs through the tangled knots that thread us together, even if we are far apart. The possibilities of meaning are found in the relationships between a diverse range of media: new works which include video, installation and textiles. Patched together, the exhibition proposes a new world order, where 9/11, a nose job and a loss of innocence are all moments to be reborn.


Bethnal Green 223 Cambridge Heath Rd, E2 0AL