6 - 9pm, Thursday 17th Mar


Shem - Fine Art!

Not complacent with a singular style, Shem’s self-taught artistry is, according to him, ‘outgrowing his limitations’ leaping from canvas to board and clay, transporting the observer into a pictorial account of pain, love, disappointment; of pressure and hope; of being lost, and being in-between; of racism, freedom, change, and the anxiety of living in a disordered world.*

The striking variety of works from the huge mural to the small paintings and clay masks chronicles the unlikely journey of the artist or journalist as Shem describes his perspective, the ‘watcher’ in his works walking, no running, from ‘Outside’, to ‘Inside’, traversing London from East to West, narrating the stories of his friends and family, his environment, society, ‘a big part of our lives’ and the city.

The stuff people might not necessarily speak about which he will put into a painting. Supported by E1 Brew Co and Domobaal, the two dozen painting show is set to run from 17th to 30 March and features works completed over the last 36 months.


South Kensington 35 Thurloe Place, SW7 2HP